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Masterclass: Why so many sales fail at the last mile

Why is there a gap between the top and bottom sales performers in your company?

Frustrated that so often that great opportunity just fades and dies?

We will explore why so many sales fail at the last minute & why there is such a big gap between the top and bottom performers in most sales teams

Whether you run your own business or are the sales director of a blue chip corporation the same sales frustrations exist:

  • Too many 'interested' prospects drift away whilst still promising to buy!
  • As soon as you start to 'sell' you become a pushy, negative sales person.
  • How to attract enough of the right kind of prospects
  • Frustration at always being pushed on price.
  • Why outsourced 'appointment makers' & commissioned only sales agents almost always fail
  • Why do so many sales people work so hard for such small results?

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