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About the Sandler North London team

Every member of the team has held senior commercial positions prior to joining the business and together we form a strong team of specialists to help and support your business

How can we make a difference to your organisation?


  • Our Trainers

    We have all had highly successful careers as sales and management professionals, and now use the Sandler sales methodology in their mission to train and mentor others to be successful. Other companies employ trainers who may have never actually sold or managed.

  • Our Methodology

    Everything we do is underpinned by process and planning. We believe that sales and management should be subject to the same levels of discipline, process and due diligence as every other department in your organisation.

    All too often sales people act as individuals and not a team with the inevitable outcome that they regularly under perform and are poorly managed. 

  • Our Global Network

    We have 250 local training centres around the world and are in all the  major UK. cities. Materials are translated into 20 languages.

    This allows us to support our clients almost anywhere in the world. Truly an organisation with a global reach.