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Meet Our Sandler Team

We strive to be the best at what we do, and help you to do the same.

David Feldman - Managing Director

Prior to setting up Sandler Training North London some 9 years ago David spent over a decade as an interim specialist leading business transformation and growth in traditional blue chip brands and VC funded turnaround operations.

Moving from being employed either to transform traditional and under performing sales teams or to build the sales function from scratch David now uses the Sandler methodologies to support and empower other business owners and sales leaders as they do the same within their companies.

David works in close partnership with the client leadership team to create companies that are viewed as being 'commercially excellent' within their field. Expectations are to accelerate growth by 30% or more.

Contact David: Phone  - 07834 924 024 or email -

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Laura-Jayne Davis - Business Development Director

Laura-Jayne has over 15 years of expertise leading business development within the consultancy sector.

She not only designs and runs all aspects of 'prospecting playbooks' for ourselves but also advises and provides expertise for our clients.

Laura-Jayne helps clients who have a simple '1 stage cold outreach' (whether calling, emailing, social media..) to create and run clearly documented and measured staged process (playbooks). These typically start with the marketing team and through key triggers/events they move qualified prospects seamlessly into the sales funnel.


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Anna Hindhaugh - Consultant Director

Anna has a psychology and counselling background as well as being a college lecturer. She provides the business with the expertise and advice our clients need around the assessment tools that we use such as Extended DISC.
Anna is an expert in the application of the behavioural psychology aspects of Sandler and her expertise is used for the communication and leadership aspects of our management programs.

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