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We all know the  phrase -'eating the frog' - referring to doing those tasks we all enjoy. In sales almost everyone  suffers from ‘prospecting reluctance’ – its a real 'eat the frog' moment. And the end result is a small pipeline and low sales.

Psychologists will tell you that this stems from an emotional fear of rejection and the rules that are hard wired into your brain - put there by your parents before you turned the age of 6. Rules such as – Don’t be a pest. Don’t talk to strangers. Never force yourself into a situation...
Early in the sales cycle this often shows itself as a reluctance to pick up the phone and later in the sales cycle this is seen as a tendency to send proposals by email rather than to set up a meeting.

Below are 5 golden rules that will help you to overcome these barriers.

1: Leading activities. Create a written plan of the activities (calls etc) that you need to do to grow your business/achieve your target.

2: Focus on the things that you need to do but have that internal fight to achieve. Break this down to create a weekly task list.: Goals & KPI’s.

Set SMART goals for yourself (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Based) BUT make sure that these align to your activity plan. In other words if you do all the leading activities will you achieve your SMART goals? The mind is odd. A simple link between leading activity & your dreams and goals is enough to strongly motivate action. 

3: Share your Leading Activities numbers with a colleague, boss….who will hold you to account. Review these weekly.

4: Book all the Leading Activity tasks into your calendar as appointments. This ensure that you put the time aside to achieve these tasks and the old excuse of ‘time’ is removed. Your calendar is you king so don’t let anyone take these out of your diary.

5: Believe & Journal. Write down DAILY why you need to do these tasks and what they will deliver to you personally. This creates a strong mindset that doing the unpleasant tasks will deliver pleasant results.

Behaviours, attitude and process are the three holy grails of success in sales. To find out more about how we can help feel free to come to our next Sales Mastery workshop ( workshop ) or contact me on: 07834 924 024.

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