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People buy emotionally from people they trust. Not a new theory – Aristotle first observed this. However  so many sales are lost when people try to do this & get itwrong.

A trap many sales people fall into is to believe that the way to build that trust is to prove how much they know & to show how much they can help. They do this by offering advice and ideas to the prospect. They point out the prospects mistakes & talk about how their service or product would do things better.

Put yourself in the prospects shoes. If a relative stranger walks in and tells you how to run your business/division how would you view them?
As a critical parent? Someone who questions my ability and is ‘persecuting’ me? 
As a Little professor? Someone who is trying too hard to please. Like a child seeking assurance and approval.

The truth is that people at the top of their game don't see the need to ‘show off’. Instead they spend time asking questions, helping others to learn for themselves. We all know this and respond to those people naturally. It comes across as gravitas. So by showing how much you know you REDUCE the level of trust people have in you.

So how can you build that respect and gravitas by saying less and not more? We will be exploring this at our workshop on August 8.

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