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10 years ago it would be unthinkable not to get the sales team together every month. Now the fashion seems to have changed & I seem to hear new reasons for not holding meetings almost every week.

We have a team 'chat forum'
We are too diverse a group
We talk on Skype each week (although John & Jackie always struggle to get online if they are travelling)

In private I hear the view that the meetings became forums for negativity or that key people (often the top performers) always seem to have appointments on those days - effectively challenging the leadership team.

The truth is that it can be hard to keep meetings fresh and constructive month after month so excuses for not holding them always seem attractive.


There is no question that well run meetings are the most effective way to embed behavioural change. They also provide the most effective forum for peer to peer learning & mentoring across team members.

However a badly run meeting can have the same negative effective on behaviour as a well run one has positive.

This Link: LINK has 9 rules for running meetings & how to make them effective.

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