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The most common phrases I hear from prospects are:

'Times are tough, I used to get all the leads I need from Google Ad Words'  

'You cant help me, I am just waiting for the economy to pick up'

The successful person is one who looks at the situation and gets active. They seem lucky but in reality they make their own luck.

It is the unsuccessful person who just waits. Ask any seasoned salesman and they will tell you that having to work to find prospects is the long term norm. The exception was the time when you sat back and the phone rang. 

Act and act now. You don't need to like prospecting but you do need to do it! And that doesn't mean that you must sit behind a desk making 200 cold calls a day.
Think about who you want as a client and what their behaviours are. Identify the best way of meeting them and what situations they will respond well to.

  • Do they network so you can meet them at networking meetings?
  • Are they all local and office based so you can 'drop in'?
  • Most important do you know people who they may know?

If you are not using your contacts and clients for an introduction you are missing out on the most effective way of building your business.

Be active and make your own luck!

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