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So many small business owners work crazy hours - serving clients, attending breakfast meetings... and yet year after year things don't really seem to change. How do you break out and make the move from being a proprietor owned business to a prospering SME?

The key lies in your sales behaviours and  investing in sales upskilling. Growth normally comes from gaining new customers and obtaining higher prices so it is in these areas that you need to focus your attention. 
Passing the buck by using outside sales appointment agencies, optimising your web simply not going to cut it. 
The bottom line wrests with you the business owner and whether you are being proactive in looking for business.
It is you the clients will ultimately want to see and it is you who will ultimately negotiate the deals.

Are putting sufficient time aside to sell? Have you worked how much sales activity you have to do to get 'X' new clients? What is your conversion rate? How many prospects do you need to speak to each month, week and year?
What if you improved your sales skills and won 30%, 40% or even 50% more clients for the same amount of work?

Success in business can only be achieved through effective prospecting and yet this is normally the one area business owners are reluctant to invest in. Invest in being better at selling than your competitors and watch you business fly.

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