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Most directors find it hard to make the time to sell and if you have salespeople who travel, cost issues, time management.... there are always issues. Can it all be replaced…by a smart phone app?  

It’s almost impossible to make it through the day without seeing or hearing an advertisement with the tag line, “We’ve got an app for that.”
Almost every facet of business has been touched, and ostensibly improved, by mobile internet technology.  Everything from scheduling orders to forecasting production requirements can be done.

Can apps replace the sales process?

It depends on what you bring to the table when you meet clients and prospects.

From a customer’s perspective at one end of the spectrum is the supplier who shows up, pushes a price based product and then disappears.  At the other the salesperson takes the position of a trusted advisor who operates on a consultancy basis over the longer term. If you act as a product supplier and not a trusted expert then the app may well be able to replace you. 

The danger is that if you don't act as a consultant then your competitors will simply develop a better app or spend more on SEO and your business is gone. You will drown in the noise of the internet. 
Become a price driven commodity with a transactional business and you will end up with low margins and a reliance on high cost marketing to survive. Not a formula for profit or success.

How do your customers characterize your relationship with them? Do they see you just as one of many possible providers? 
If so perhaps the 'Apps pundits' are right.

'A sales person? Yes we have an app for that!!!'


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