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It’s Not Over Until

Have you ever simply fled the scene of a meeting that went badly?

Tough meetingSometimes prospects might be unresponsive, or perhaps rude. You might not know what’s causing their attitude, but if the atmosphere becomes uncomfortable, don’t cut and run. In this situation, it could be beneficial to ask what you’ve said or done that was a problem. Your potential client might want you to uncover their issue, and making an effort to figure out what’s going on could help you win a sale even though the meeting began poorly.

First, acknowledge the tense situation in a non-confrontational manner. Say they seem skeptical (or uncertain, or frustrated), and you’re wondering if you’ve said something wrong. Take responsibility for raising the issue, and then put the ball in your possible customer’s court. They have to respond, and then move forward to resolving the situation. This will keep you on an equal business footing.

And then, by allowing the prospect to explain whatever is bothering them, you’ll become an understanding listener and you clear the way for continuing the appointment in a better atmosphere. Doing your best to find out what is happening before you leave the meeting might open up an opportunity you didn’t realise was there, and you’ll definitely learn more about them and build the relationship. Even if you don’t make a sale, solidifying the relationship could help you in the future.

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