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 How often do you hear 'I have no time to...'   and its always the challenging tasks that are left undone. 

Below are some ideas to help

Do the tasks you don't like first:

Too often we procrastinate to avoid that difficualt conversation. HAve it first and your mindset changes for the the whole day. Productivity soars.

Mind set over time

Recognise that time is a precious resource and work at 100 miles an hour doing only that which matters. Recognise it and change your mindset. You are getting older every second. Dont waste it.

Set Goals

Without long and short term goals that are written (A few lines pinned to the wall will do) you will fail to focus and time will slip away.

Create process for everything

Use a good CRM, measure tasks and avoid reinventing the wheel. CAn you delgate some tasks to others?

Recognise your peak energy levels

We all peak at different times. Do the most chalenging tasks when you are at your peak.

Understand the non value added tasks

For a week write down every task you do. What can you leave undone in order to do those things which are more importnat and not done? Most people take on too much.

Handle each piece of paper/email... only once

Read an email & act imediately. Dont park it to act on later.

No clutter

Clutter is a waste of time and indicates an untidy and disorganised mind.

Share habits

What do others in your position do to save time & work smarter? Share and talk

Stop time wasters

Who and what wastes your time each day? Recognise and create process for dealing with them.

Recognise personal procrastination

Are you really out of time or are you procrastianting because there is a task that:

You dont like, fear you will fail at or are on a negative path of self sabotage?

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