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“You either choose to learn something from the experience of failing – or you choose not to draw any lesson at all from your mistakes.”

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Have you ever lost a sale and felt as if it was a personal failure?

1: It’s OK to fail.

2: You as a person are NOT a failure

3: There is a REAL – you Vs. the ROLE-you

Failure is a part of the Human condition. Everybody Fails at Something. People who achieve a great deal, fail at many things.

How you choose to regard a failure is up to you. Whether that be a defeat, or whether you see it an opportunity for you to learn what not to do, and find another route to make that big hike within your sales.

Taking the time to extract lessons from your mistakes and applying those lessons to your next endeavour can in fact accelerate your success

Recognising failure as a positive experience gives you freedom, freedom to try new things and take your climb to success to the next level.

Of course, accepting this concept intellectually is one thing. Dealing with failure emotionally is another matter entirely. To learn from your failures you must see failure itself in a new perspective.

When you fail to accomplish something, you are not the failure,  it was your plan that failed.  The REAL – you, is defined by your self- identity, the ROLE – you, is defined by your performance as a salesperson.

Failure is not a reflection of the REAL- , only of the ROLE you, these failures are an indication that there is room for improvement within your ‘salesperson skills’

An unsuccessful attempt to get to base camp is just that – an unsuccessful attempt. Your personal worth is still intact!

When you can begin your journey upwards, using the lessons from your failures as the Hand Holds, these are the very experiences that will guide you to the summit.

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