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The slow Summer seasons are coming to a close.  Schools and businesses are coming back on line so it’s always worth investing time in putting together a watertight  business plan to define the focus and agree best practice for the last 4 months ahead. Organisation is the name of the game, so before you even think about sales, it is important to take a fine-tooth comb through your objectives and targets. While this might seem like a mammoth task, it can easily be divided into ‘bite-sized’ pieces which will make it easier to compile.

Start with your ideal prospects – it’s a lot easier to go out to find clients when you know exactly what you’re looking for. Once you have a detailed profile of your ideal client it will help you when asking for referrals and deciding on whom to target in networking meetings.

There is no point making a plan and being organised if you don’t track your progress and follow through. Train yourself to set aside time after a meeting to debrief and document what you’ve learned. It is also important to have a basic structure that allows you to measure and monitor your results – as well as make adjustments as necessary. Those who really succeed in business are agile and continually learn, no matter how senior they are in the company.

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