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Sandler rule 33:

'On your way to the bank, keep one eye over your shoulder'

Presentation completed, purchase order promised, you have a timetable for delivery and its now down to petty administration issues & the delivery team........

Its too easy to assume the deal is closed. But before you do ask yourself: 'Are there any issues that could disrupt the process?'

This isn't about buyers remorse. its more about whether there is anyone else, a committee or issue that has the potential to veto the decision. Does the buyer have an opportunity to have a 'last look' at another offer? Does the decision need to be 'run past' another person? Have you checked that the budget is set in stone? Cannot be cut at the last minute by the CFO?

If the answer to any of these is 'I don't know' then you're in trouble.

Once the sale seems firm spend time running through the possible roadblocks and even if you can't get a firm answer to some of them discuss it directly with the prospect to see if there is a solution or at the least to gauge where you stand and the level of risk. Do make sure that your sales process doesn't end with the final meeting but follows through until delivery commences. Its very easy to hand over to the delivery team at too early a stage and then watch as it all goes horribly wrong. A strategy of 'slowing it down to speed it up' is always prudent or as Sandler rule 33 says

'On your way to the bank keep one eye over your shoulder!'

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