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Is this a conversation that’s familiar?

'At our away day we agreed there is potential to grow our key accounts by 10%. That the new products will achieve a 5% growth for the new business team. Overall we are targeting 6% growth this year'

The trouble is that whilst its simple to identify HOW you can grow, its much harder to identify WHAT you must do to make those sales. Just throwing that problem to the sales team isn’t really going to work.


  • The new products are so good they sell themselves (so why have a sales team?).
  • Throughout last year the key accounts team never tried to sell more to their customers.
  • The new business team failed to prospect at all last year.

It’s unlikely that anything is really going to change.

The reality is that the only way your sales figures will change is if the team do things differently or better. Not an issue you can solve at a theoretical ‘away day’. As part of your growth strategy have you looked at the WHAT as well as the HOW?

  • What can the team do to create better relationships?
  • How can they adopt a more structured approach to account growth?
  • What better sales techniques can they adopt?
  • What can they do to grow their reputation as consultants and industry leaders….

To conclude:

Focus on 3 areas where the sales team can do things differently in order to be more successful -

  1. Their behaviours (how many calls, visits etc)
  2. Their sales skills, techniques and how they map their way through a larger sale. Include in here a clear account management strategy
  3. Attitude - how confident are they in talking at 'C' level? How high is their personal self esteem? Belief in your products?....
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