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Have you ever found yourself pitching to someone you just met?

Prospecting is a process to identify potential purchasers, not selling. Whether you are talking to the person over the phone or meet them at a function the 2 step goal is the same:

  • First engage them in a conversation that will determine if there is potential interest
  • Then arrange a formal sales appointment if there is mutual interest. A meeting with the purpose clearly laid out.

Going for the appointment and not the sale takes the pressure of both parties. Slow it down to speed it up!

I see two patterns of behaviour:

The pusher. The person who tries to sell at every opportunity. Who bypasses the sales process and goes straight in for the kill. You see these people at events trying to work the room and spending a small fortune in business cards.

The connector. The person who knows everyone and talks well but then thinks its ‘pushy’ to ask for an appointment or the order. They measure their success on the number of people they are connected to- even though they struggle to close any deals!

We all have personalities that will push us into one of these two categories. Which do you fall into?  Success comes from recognising it and following a prospecting – appointment - sale process.

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