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Every sales trainer will tell you: 'A prospect should do most of the talking'. The old phrase is 'you have 2 ears, one mouth. Use them in those proportions.

The reason is that all of us believe our own facts & figures and our own experiences. Not someone else's. If you cant help yourself from talking too much just think about when a friend last offered you advice. The chances are that you ignored it until such time as you discovered the wisdom of those words yourself. Through personal experience.

So if you find yourself saying something like:

‘Our software can reduce your costs of production by 70% yakkety, yakkety……

Although you may be informing the prospect it will not sink in. Instead start to rephrase your statements as a questions so that the solution comes from the prospect. Such as:

‘Tell me about any software you have looked at that has the potential to reduce your costs by around 70%....’

Remember the rule - A prospect who listens but doesn’t talk is probably not going to become a client.

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