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When you hit a problem with your sales how do you rationalise the issue? 

All too often salespeople are their own worst enemies creating roadblocks and detours that prevent them from moving forwards with a sale. Whenever you encounter an unpleasant surprise in sales ask yourself – was it your responsibility to uncover the issue in the first place?
For example what if at the conclusion of a presentation your contact reveals that she loves your ideas but the reduction in government spending means that their budgets are cut. Whose fault is it that you didn’t find out the budget BEFORE you spent all that time on the presentation?

Too many salespeople would blame the government, exchange rate…. But in reality that’s not the issue. Especially if your competitors and colleagues are making sales.
So if your foot hurts check first to see if its YOU who is standing on it! Take responsibility for not asking enough or the right questions, work out all the possible roadblocks.

The great advantage of accepting that the problem almost always starts with you is that you have full control in stopping it from happening again. You can’t fix the economy. You can’t improve the exchange rate. You CAN change your behaviours and develop your skills.

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