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Sales Mastery

A 12 month program for SME's seeking to create a high performing sales team

About the program


1: Founders & owners who personally head up the small sales team or are the sole sales people but are actively looking at ways to move the company to the next stage.

2: SME's who already have an established sales team and management structure but are suffering from 'growing pains'. Typically lacking clear process and experience which results in management issues and patchy sales performance.


A 12 month program designed to give smaller business and individuals access to the quality of training that historically only blue chip organisations could afford.


As an SME you can achieve 'sales excellence' - Revenues per head that put you in the top 10% in your industry, an end to that 'headless chicken' crisis management seen by most sales managers and above all consistent performance from the sale team month after month. 

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Program structure

Stage 1, month 1: Discovery & planning - Strategies and playbooks

Sales Mastery starts with the creation of sales ‘playbooks’ & people planning sessions.

A series of Discovery Sessions with the founder/leadership team establishes clarity as to the sales process and strategy. It breaks the plan down to the role and activity of each individual in the sales & marketing team in delivering to the goal.

Through our analytical tools the 'people planning sessions' we identify the training needs of each individual given their role in the strategic plan.

Stage 2, month 1: Sales skills - Foundations

An intensive face to face 2 days or 2 * 8 hour remote sessions provide the techniques and behaviours needed to execute the playbook strategy. 

Stage 3, months 2-12 Reinforcement  -‘You cant teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar’. 

Sales theory without the practice will not deliver significant growth, For 11 months following the Foundations program the sales team/leaders attend weekly 2 hours training sessions which move the Initial Training theory to 'real world' behaviours and habits.

Over time knowledge deepens and the theory turns into a permanent habit. By the 6 month stage clients see a dramatically different culture within the sales team and a meteoric rise in sales is beginning.

Stage 4, months 2-12 - Leadership support

Sales training fails without management participation. Monthly leadership sessions provides the management team with the tools they need to support the training & ensures that this is a true partnership.