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A 12 month program leaders and managers who are fed up with the stress of crisis management and seek order and progress.

About the program


Business owners who find that the sales team is taking up more of their time than any other part of the business.

Companies who have no common management process or standards. Who find that each team has different cultures and values.

Sales people turned managers who find that its impossible to to  manage the team through KPI's and activity measures.

Those who realise that too much time is being wasted. Forecasting meetings take hours, it takes months to realise a new hire is not going to work out. 80% of your time is spent working in the business sorting out unnecessary issues. 


The program is broken into 12 * 1/2 day face to face modules or as 24 virtual sessions where your sales managers work with managers from other organisations in a peer to peer style environment. 

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Free white paper: Why managers fail

Program structure

The program is broken into 11 core modules, usually delivered as a 12 month program and accompanied with full online access to workbooks, tool-kits, video and audio.

1. Recruiting & hiring

2. Understanding Your People

  • Communication
  • I/R theory, Transactional analysis and DISC
  • Performance evaluation

3. Leadership Roles

  • Supervising
  • Coaching* (stand-alone 2 day course also available)
  • Training
  • Mentoring

4. Managing Work Relationships

  • Conflict Management

5. Goal Setting

  • Managing through accountability

6. Managing Organisational Change

7. Staging Effective Team Meetings

8. Territory Management & payplans

9. Account Management Strategies:

  • KARE
  • Target setting and process

10. Leadership

  • Traits and rules of a leader
  • Leadership behaviours

 11. Maximizing Personal Performance

  • Time Management and Delegation
  • Scripting Your Adult for Success