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Sandler Enterprise Sales

A strategic planning program to provide any company focused on a complex sale with an end to end playbook' for winning and managing major accounts.

We have clients selling into international blue chip organisations, NHS and government, retail........many, but not all selling technology solutions.

About the program


Those clients who sell into complex accounts face particular issues. Keeping a clear view of the end game when involved in a multi meeting, 12 month (or more) pursuit is hard.

You may be a sophisticated organisation with a formal bid team, legal and account management function or simply an SME whose products are focused on serving large or complex organisations. 

Either way the challenges are exactly the same - the cost and time of the pursuit.

About the program:

The Sandler Enterprise Sales program provides the map to keep clarity and focus through the long pursuit and complex team sell. 

This program is typically delivered as a series of strategy sessions with the senior team over a number of months alongside an implementation based program for the sales team.

It follows a 6 step process that takes you from initial planning through to account management. Each stage has a set of bespoke  toolkits and programs.

An enterprise sale is a process that can take many meetings across many client departments and covers many months, even years. To keep direction and focus your sales process must go beyond the simple 'qualification' based documentation used by many CRM providers. We work with you to build that process. 


Program structure

The program is broken into 6 core modules, usually delivered to the leadership team in a series of 2-4 workshops followed by a 6-12 month implementation program.

Stage 1: Planning & strategy

  • Who and how will your sales team identify the right people in an account? 
  • What opportunities exist for growth within the current client base

Stage 2: Identify and prioritise opportunities

  • What opportunities exist now?
  • Who can you gain easy access to?
  • Regain, acquire & expand opportunities

Stage 3: Qualification

  • What are the qualification requirements
  • Are you chasing a 'no hope' opportunity simply because its strategically attractive?

Stage 4: Solution Development

  • Shaping the offer
  • Creating value propositions

Stage 5: Proposal and Advancement

  • Following the clients decision making process
  • Creating tenders and RFP's
  • Negotiating & knowing 'when to pull'

Stage 6: Service delivery

  • Account management strategies
  • Implementation process