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Need a speaker?

David Feldman is a seasoned presenter who brings a wealth of knowledge (and stories) gleaned from a career leading national and international sales and marketing teams and  over a decade working with clients on business transformation and growth.

He is available to share his experiences  at Corporate Sales Meetings, Conferences, Trade Associations and business networking groups around the topics of sales, management and leadership.


Popular topics for workshops and talks include:


Sales Behaviour

Networking Works - Networking is not about selling or prospecting, but it does need to yield results. How can you make it work? 

Fear of success - Are you getting in the way of your own success? Many people unconsciously sabotage their own strengths and success through procrastination and fear.

You cannot manage what you can’t control - Manage behaviours in yourself and your teams and success will follow. Results are a trailing indicator and a poor measure.

Building blocks for success - What are the (16) building blocks that all successful people have in common?

Birds in flight - What is your behavioural style and how do you deal with others? Imaginatively brought to life

Attitude and leadership

Who you ‘R’ isn’t who you ‘I’ - Your performance is limited as much by your personal self-belief as your knowledge and experience. Understand this relationship with yourself to enable personal progression.

Beliefs - Success is often hindered by beliefs. Learn to revisit and reprogram these.

Breaking through your comfort zone - Standing still means going backwards. How do you continue to learn and push yourself beyond boundaries?

Sales and other swear words - From Richard Branson to Lord Sugar, the entrepreneurs we admire are primarily salespeople. Why then are we too embarrassed to sell?

Sales Techniques - the psychology of selling

The buyer Seller Dance - What happens in a typical sales scenario and why does the prospect always dominate? Learn to balance the scales.

The psychology of selling - Transactional Analysis and how you can put yourself in a winning position

Power Games and fairy tales - All too often we fall victim to games played by buyers. The answers lie in old fashioned fairy tales and the theories of Karpman.

Building & implementing a prospecting plan - Prospecting is not selling. It is about identifying suspects and identifying if they are qualified. What & how should we do it?

Managing people

Manage behaviours and not results - If your staff do the behaviours the results will follow. How do you do it and how do you know it will work?

Strategic Customer Care - It costs more to win a new client than to keep and grow an existing one. Do you invest enough time and money keeping existing clients?

Understand your people - Your employees are your best asset. Do you understand how they like to be managed? The clue is it isn’t money that motivates!

Search - Hire slow, fire fast. Hire on skills and cultural fit. How do you get the right person on board?