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Customer Service & Inside Sales

Good customer service = client retention

Are your customer service  sales team more than just scripted order takers?

  • Do they frequently deal with prospects or customers who are defensive, frustrated, or upset?
  • Do they have have to defuse emotionally charged encounters by staying positive about your company?
  • Do you frequently have to interpret situations and solve problems when insufficient information is provided?

If the answer is “yes, several times a day" then our customer service program will suit.

We provide the communications and processes that allows the team to resolve difficult situations in a structured manner but without resorting to scripts. This natural approach is not only effective, simple to manage and builds culture and retention within the team.

Inside sales

More and more companies are employing inside sales teams, some for inbound sales and others also have an outbound remit.

Selling remotely is tough and building strong bonds and rapport often means sales drift and prospects make promises and commitments that they then fail to keep.

Our Inside Sales program is designed to overcome these problems and creates a team who are exceptional communicators and able to build strong rapport with prospects. They are relationship creators but also strongly commercial. They ensure strong commitment from the prospect without sounding like salespeople.


Customer Service The Sandler Way

Your customer service plan is only as strong as its weakest link. 

Author and Sandler’s Customer Care Program Specialist, Anne MacKeigan, provides you with the 48 rules you need to make intelligent strategic investments in customer care. Customer Service The Sandler Way helps you create and sustain a working culture built on the belief that the customer not only matters—they are the only reason your organisation exists. 

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