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Become your firms 'rainmaker'

Selling when working in professional services

If you are a solicitor, consultant, accountant, architect, or other professional, building a thriving client base is hard. Its rarely a natural skill and “selling” is not a comfortable activity. But it is vital.

We will give you the skills to become commercially successful without being a 'salesperson' in the traditional sense. And its a process which you will feel comfortable executing. 

Nobody ever told me I'd have to sell

When you started at your firm or practice, you were probably not told that you would be responsible for sales or business development. Where do you start?

 Our specific Professional Advantage program gives you the tools and strategies to become a successful 'rainmaker' by using the organisational, analytical, and communication skills that you use every day in your professional capacity.

A sales book especially for professional service providers

Authors and Sandler trainers Chuck and Evan Polin discuss their latest book, Selling Professional Services The Sandler Way, and how Sandler's principles can have a major impact on practice development.

The Sandler Blog

Insight and tips on current sales, sales management, leadership and management topics. We invite you to comment on our posts and to pass them on to your colleagues.

LinkedIn’s powerful digital network offers professionals the ability to create a circle of warm leads and quality referrals—if you know the secrets to efficiently use it.

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